Wednesday, 23 March 2011

RAD (Royal Association for the Deaf) Congratulation Card for my Daughter Clare

Hi Everyone, hope your all enjoying the sunshine today.
My Daughter has been studying British sign Language for 7 years and will be Graduating in July. She has just landed her dream job with RAD (Royal Association for the Deaf) as an Interpreter. I really enjoyed making this card for her, I'm a very proud Mum.


Netty said...

Hi very proud mother, your daughter has done so well with getting such a great and rewarding position. Your card is fabulous and am sure she will love it to bits. Annette x

pickle said...

Aww Linda what a fabulouas card. I love what you did with the wording!! Hugest congratulations to your daughter!

do you know that you have word verification switched on??